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Integrated Marketing

Since the consumer marketplace shifted to the World Wide Web, many brands focus on digital marketing campaigns to reach the new media-obsessed audience. Printed media appears to be slowly transitioning to an online-only existence as we see more newspapers tossed in recycling bins and electronic tablets in consumer hands. It’s easy to see this trend […]

Design vs Template

Custom Design vs. Template

Now that you’ve answered the big questions: who you are, what you do, and why it matters, it’s time to start thinking about creating some printed materials to encourage engagement from your audience. The new question becomes: Do you use a pre-made template or create a custom design? There are costs and benefits on both […]

Say More with Less

Saying More with Less

In today’s culture, we are obsessed with saving the quantifiable resources of our life we’ve assigned value to – energy, money, time, and, of course, information. We’ve even started seeking to obtain more of one resource for less of another; more money for less time, and more information in less time. We love messages that […]

Trusted Brands

3 Visual Elements that Encourage Trust

Most people consider trust something that must be earned. And, while a company has the ability to earn a customer’s trust over time through successful interactions, in most cases there is a “leap of faith” that occurs to begin the customer/company relationship. So, in essence, the trust comes first. How do brands convince consumers to […]

Does your Business Card pass the 3 second Glance Test?

Business cards are ubiquitous. Everyone from babysitters to CEO’S carry them. But did you know that these tiny marketing tools have been around since the 17th century! They were originally intended to announce the impending arrivals of important and aristocratic individuals. Cards designed to represent individuals were referred to as calling cards. And business cards, […]

Choosing the Best Paper for Your Print Project

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. While the origin of this bit of wisdom is unclear—“experts” have attributed it to Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain and Will Rogers—it’s a statement that should be ever present in the minds of small business owners, especially as it pertains to their print marketing projects. […]

How Print Marketing is Like Dating

Don’t be a “One-date Wonder,” and turn your prospects away in 90 seconds or less with bad print marketing materials. Instead create lasting happy relationships with your customers, by following the tips in this article. With the advent of Tweets, Likes, SMS, and retargeting, why would you possibly want to use old-fashioned Print Marketing to […]

The Five Essential Elements of Effective Logo Design

Among graphic designers, the FedEx logo is legendary. With over 40 prestigious design awards under its belt—and a coveted spot in Rolling Stone magazine’s 2003 best logos list—the hushed, reverent tones in which students, professors, and professionals discuss it conveys well-deserved awe. Lindon Leader created the iconic mark in 1994 while working as a senior […]

Effective Branding

A small winter festival that began in 1890 as a way to celebrate the “Mediterranean of the West” and showcase the Southern California sunshine and flowers has since grown into a magical world-renowned celebration. The annual tournament of roses New Years day parade is now a monumental celebration, drawing millions of spectators from around the […]

The Power of Words (in sales)

Do words have the power to influence sales and conversions? Have you ever thought about how they impact you? Reflect on the following words and phrases for five seconds each: Dentist Falling in love Rattlesnake Sexy Wealthy and handsome Did any of these words provoke a strong emotional response? Did they cause you to want […]

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