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Design vs Template

Custom Design vs. Template

Now that you’ve answered the big questions: who you are, what you do, and why it matters, it’s time to start thinking about creating some printed materials to encourage engagement from your audience. The new question becomes: Do you use a pre-made template or create a custom design? There are costs and benefits on both […]

Does your Business Card pass the 3 second Glance Test?

Business cards are ubiquitous. Everyone from babysitters to CEO’S carry them. But did you know that these tiny marketing tools have been around since the 17th century! They were originally intended to announce the impending arrivals of important and aristocratic individuals. Cards designed to represent individuals were referred to as calling cards. And business cards, […]

5 Things Every Freelancer Needs to be Successful

What did Stephen King, Cameron Crowe, Hunter S. Thompson and Willie Nelson once have in common? The answer is not talent or ambition, though they all had both in spades. It is their beginning as freelancers. At one time or another, each of these famous professionals pitched articles, submitted stories, or penned ghostwritten songs while […]

Choosing the Right Font

When Avatar, the biggest grossing movie of all time was released, graphic designers were in an uproar. They despised the font that director James Cameron had chosen for the subtitles (Papyrus). Can you imagine that fonts can impact sales? Overnight Prints decided to test this phenomenon: We tested this theory in focus groups and at […]

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