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Integrated Marketing

Since the consumer marketplace shifted to the World Wide Web, many brands focus on digital marketing campaigns to reach the new media-obsessed audience. Printed media appears to be slowly transitioning to an online-only existence as we see more newspapers tossed in recycling bins and electronic tablets in consumer hands. It’s easy to see this trend […]

Help! I Need a Designer ASAP!

Help! I Need a Designer ASAP

Okay, you know how you want your business to look, but you don’t know how to get it on paper -- literally. You need someone to draw up a great design, and fast, so you can hand it off to the printer to manifest your ideas into tangible, printed form. Here are some great places […]

Design vs Template

Custom Design vs. Template

Now that you’ve answered the big questions: who you are, what you do, and why it matters, it’s time to start thinking about creating some printed materials to encourage engagement from your audience. The new question becomes: Do you use a pre-made template or create a custom design? There are costs and benefits on both […]

Say More with Less

Saying More with Less

In today’s culture, we are obsessed with saving the quantifiable resources of our life we’ve assigned value to – energy, money, time, and, of course, information. We’ve even started seeking to obtain more of one resource for less of another; more money for less time, and more information in less time. We love messages that […]

Trusted Brands

3 Visual Elements that Encourage Trust

Most people consider trust something that must be earned. And, while a company has the ability to earn a customer’s trust over time through successful interactions, in most cases there is a “leap of faith” that occurs to begin the customer/company relationship. So, in essence, the trust comes first. How do brands convince consumers to […]

5 Things Every Freelancer Needs to be Successful

What did Stephen King, Cameron Crowe, Hunter S. Thompson and Willie Nelson once have in common? The answer is not talent or ambition, though they all had both in spades. It is their beginning as freelancers. At one time or another, each of these famous professionals pitched articles, submitted stories, or penned ghostwritten songs while […]

How Old Fashioned Marketing can Impact your Small Business

A powerful form of drip marketing helped a car salesman make his mark as the world’s greatest sales person. Over a 15 year period, Joe Girard sold an astonishing 13,001 new cars and trucks at retail, averaging 72 vehicle sales per month. One of his secrets to success? Greeting Cards! He employed two assistants to […]

Scratch for Success

images courtesy of A famous footwear fashion mogul broke sales records when he stepped out of his comfort zone and ventured into scratch card marketing. Black Friday, the biggest sales day of the year was fast approaching. Steve Madden retailers knew that millions of customers would be expecting massive deals…everywhere. In order to beat […]

Pairing with Non Profits-Working Together

As a business, you are part of a community that helps your entity prosper. It’s natural to want to invest in that community. However, you may be struggling to find the appropriate way to give back to it. And whether you are a traditional business or non profit, you may be feeling the challenges of […]

Tips for Great Web Copy

News Flash! Research tells us time and time again that 80% of internet users scan web copy, rather than reading it word for word. Furthermore, When people lay eyes on your website, they know you are trying to sell them something. Whether they’re aware of it or not, they are already asking themselves What’s in […]

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