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Writing a Compelling Call to Action

How important is a proper Call to Action? Research suggests that advertisements with compelling Calls to Action yield up to 55% more traffic and sales than those without. Convincing your target market to purchase your product or service NOW is not always easy. But as this article illustrates, if you take the time to carefully […]

In The Trenches With Ryan Dowd: Entrepreneur – Designer – Visionary

“You can learn strategy and theory from the most elite universities in the world, but there’s really nothing like getting into the trenches and doing the work.” That’s the advice Ryan Dowd, owner of an online surf apparel store, would give to his best friend, or anyone thinking about venturing into the entrepreneurial world. Ryan […]

Pro’s and Con’s of Postcard Marketing

Are you one of many small business owners who has spent thousands of dollars on online advertising, and have nothing to show for it? If so, you’re not alone. Postcard Marketing might be the solution: It may not be quite as sexy, but postcard marketing just might be the tried-and-true alternative you’re looking for. While […]

Five Simple Primary Market Research Techniques

Did you know that almost 95 percent of new product launches fail? This is due in large part to lack of proper market research. But conducting market research alone is not a guarantee for success. The research must be relevant and realistic. The research should be designed to uncover as much information as possible about […]

Best Practices in Graphic Design

As an e-commerce site for online printing, Overnight Prints receives hundreds of questions about graphic design. We’ve heard your questions, frustrations and comments. In response, we’ve interviewed several successful graphic designers in the Southern California area about their suggested best practices. Wes McDowell, the Lead designer at The Deep End Design did a great job […]

How to Make Your Direct Mailer Stand Out

Does your postcard mailer stay on the desk or refrigerator, or does it go straight to the round file, aka trash can? We are bombarded every single day, with a ridiculous amount of junk mail. Our mail boxes are brimming over with unwanted flyers, brochures, advertisements and postcards. In response, much of America has resorted […]

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Necessity is the mother of innovation. As cliché as this may sound, it proved to be true for one Southern California small business owner a few years ago. And now he is reaping the benefits. Tom Rieser, owner of T.R. Guitars started repairing and building custom guitars more than 30 years ago. He transformed his […]

Choosing the Right Font

When Avatar, the biggest grossing movie of all time was released, graphic designers were in an uproar. They despised the font that director James Cameron had chosen for the subtitles (Papyrus). Can you imagine that fonts can impact sales? Overnight Prints decided to test this phenomenon: We tested this theory in focus groups and at […]

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